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Dear Friends, 


Happy Pesach to readers who will be observing the Passover holiday this week, and wishes for a meaningful Holy Week for those celebrating Easter this coming Sunday.



Dear Friends,


Last week, the governor introduced a budget proposal for FY15, which included making the 2011 income tax hike permanent. Earlier in the year, the House had agreed to cap the total spending for FY15, through ...

Dear Friends,
As a member of the bipartisan House Elementary & Secondary Education Appropriation Committee, I understand that we are faced with many challenges in the months to come. I agree with the governor's sentiment that investing in education should be a top priority, but I was disappointed by a lack of specifics. My hope is that now we can get to work on...

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During session, I encourage constituents to participate in my legislative issue surveys to help identify where the district stands on matters facing our state. These surveys are but one of the tools (in addition to speaking with constituents at their doors, on the phone and at events, conducting my own research, and listening to testimony from experts) that I use when making decisions on proposals that come before the General Assembly.

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